5th August 2021


from Mike Johnson


Sid Hobart


Sid joined the NABC in 1949 & is probably the longest serving member, having been a Vice President after his active cycling days.  He died last month, age 90.   He was a prolific time trialist & road racer. There is no record of placings in road races but he was always well placed in TTs, especially middle distance events.  In an EACC 100 in 1955 he recorded 4.39. 55 for 8th place,  the winner’s time being 4. 18 13;  Comp Record was only 4.08.32!  He also was 2nd counter in the winning NABC team & 3rd handicap. He was Club Champion at 100 miles in 1961.


Another 25 result,  lists him as recording 1.04 .09 for 16th place from 65 finishers, the winner only 4 minutes faster.


Sid was quite often DNS if the weather looked slightly ‘iffy’; in fact, it was reckoned, he would not start ‘if there was a cloud in the sky’!


He was not a man for DIY in any sense of the word;  he once drove his car with a flat tyre to a club mate for the wheel to be changed!


Sid was a regular on club runs & was both Captain & Vice Captain in the 1950s.


In the 'noughties’ he liked to attend AGMs & Club Dinners, & in the former usually with a ‘complaint’ about lax procedure to the then Chairman – me!


May he rest in peace

29 May 2021

compiled by Martyn Taylor, excerpts from emails sent by Mike Johnson, Fergus Muir, John Golder & Linda Green

Eddie Fone

In his earlier racing career Eddie rode for Marlboro AC (a London-based club). He raced on the hallowed track at London’s Herne Hill and won three road races.

Once in Norfolk, Eddie joined the club and over the years was Club Champion at various distances no less than 47 times!

Eddie’s mid-season birthday allowed him to compete in two VTTA age group events in the same year, something he prospered from with his huge collection of VTTA awards.

Eddie was a staunch supporter of the VTTA, and the story goes that if the VTTA annual dinner date clashed with NABC’s he would always favour the VTTA dinner, especially if there was a 'gong' to be received!

Eddie was also the Records Secretary on the East Anglian VTTA committee for many years.


Eddie achieved National awards in 1997 with the VTTA National Age Record for a 70-year-old at 25 miles of 58:46, which he followed up with in 1998 with a 57:35 as a 71-year-old.


His achievements made the local press with this article, as an example, from Fergus Muir in 2014:


“Eddie Fone had turned 87 a few days previously and so had a new VTTA age standard to beat, and Norman Eldridge’s East Anglian Age Record of 34:08 was in his sights. Finishing just short in 34:13, Eddie is no doubt busy planning his next attempt.”


In 2017 the club presented Eddie with a lifetime achievement award for bike racing every year from 1950 - 2016, that’s 66 consecutive years!

At 89, Eddie hung up his race wheels but continued cycling for leisure - a great example to us all.


Eddie’s funeral was held on Tuesday 22nd June 2pm at Lingwood Church followed by a wake at ‘The Shoulder Mutton’ Strumpshaw.